Services @ DPD Express Couriers & Cargoes

We understand fully the amount of faith it takes to entrust a personal commitment to someone else and hope they'll carry it through.
But, whether you send five kilos across town or five pallets across the country, when you call on a transport company to deliver your products, that's just what you do.

That's why the choice needs to be a careful one; that's why you need to choose DPD as your transport partner. DPD have been reliably solving transport problems both local and national since 1978.

Courier Service
With over 1000 vehicles DPD's courier fleet is more than up to the task of handling your courier work.

For volume or heavy work, local, sate or nation-wide. DPD's Taxi-Truck fleet can be your 'transport department'.

Local Distribution
With DPD as your transport partner, you have an organisation that will work in-step with your company.

National Distribution
With over 1000 vehicles, DPD brings a total capability in transport services to your business.

3rd Party Logistics (3PL)
Highly efficient, cost-effective Warehousing & Distribution that delivers in every way - that's third-party logistics.



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